Is the end the end?

I can’t do it. I may have ended that story line but I have to see those characters again.

Sometimes the ending sneaks up on me and I sit back in shock that it’s done. Sometimes I take two months to actually write the last chapter. But these characters pop up in other books just as quirky as always.

True love never ends.

Happy reading!

Bad Review?!? You must have the wrong series.

But seriously, my opinion is it makes me legit as a writer. Not everyone can like my work. I would love for them to, but they won’t. I shouldn’t read reviews even when they are good they can be off putting. “I loved the book BUT…” and so on.” 4out of 5 stars is still awesome but that detail that someone didn’t like will stick with an author.

I’m legit, to legit to quit.

Happy Reading!

To brag or not to brag?

No seriously, is bragging the same as marketing? You want to tell people why your product is so awesome and they need to buy it right? Is that really all that different from bragging?

Maybe marketing is just bragging, dressing itself up respectfully? That’s an interesting thought I just wrote down. Maybe bragging in small doses isn’t such a bad thing?

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Happy Reading!

What’s in a prologue?

Welcome to the Romance blog hop!

The question is are prologues useful or a big no no? I’ve heard yes, no, maybe. I take that to mean rip up the rules and make your own.

Not all of my romances to date have had what could be deemed a prologue. But when I have one they give you a deep glimpse of the main character from the get go. I hope that it connects the reader to my story and gets them invested fast.

That can be a lot harder to do in my style of stories as they aren’t action packed but about the couple and how their relationship forms. What obstacles do they face in being able to have a happy ever after and so on.

Happy reading everyone!

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