What happens in March on a farm in Western Oklahoma you ask?

Well well well, let me say it’s my anniversary so that is the biggest thing…hahahaha I kid. Although 18 years is nothing to scoff at. everybody really does celebrate my anniversary can you guess what day it is?

The cattle come off the wheat pasture and get sold to pay for our taxes. It takes a decent amount of cattle. That’s a hard check to write and we never get a refund. I’m not complaining, just stating plan old facts. Most people don’t understand what the refund means, you are getting back the amount you over paid to the government and they feel they didn’t need. Its like a really bad savings account in my estimation. They don’t even pay you interest for using your money. But I digress. We pay exactly what we owe.

What else? The Schoolhouse opens up on Airbnb again. And many honey do’s are completed in this month. Not sure what those are this year

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