Humor is a tricky thing even among family. Mine is very pointed and dry. Which can be very off putting for most people. They aren’t sure to take you seriously or laugh. Sometimes they laugh and worry that you are telling the truth.

Lately my husband has been worried about my very short stories and how “black mirror” esk they have gotten lately. It’s the place I’ve been lately, what can I say!

What is a Useless Talent?

Welcome to the Romance blog hop.

The question this week is do you share or hide a useless talent? I think any talent that you don’t use to your advantage for something is useless. So no. I try to always use my talents to my advantage.

What I think I’m saying is that I don’t have a useless talent as I use them sometimes just to make myself happy.

Keep it happy peeps!

Is it collecting or hoarding?

Welcome to the Romance Writers blog hop.

Is it collecting or hoarding? Well is it? Is there a distinction? I think every person who meticulously throws things away and live in a minimalist fashion would say that large collections are indeed hoarding no matter the order and structure used to categorize the collection.

Those that are in the middle would say there are degrees. I mean really just because I’ve kept it for ten years doesn’t mean anything compared to the fact that I finally used it and saved myself ten dollars.

This is important ya’ll.

PS Don’t look around my husbands barn or his fathers or his brothers, they will use that junk one day. (One man’s junk and all that.)

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What happens in March on a farm in Western Oklahoma you ask?

Well well well, let me say it’s my anniversary so that is the biggest thing…hahahaha I kid. Although 18 years is nothing to scoff at. everybody really does celebrate my anniversary can you guess what day it is?

The cattle come off the wheat pasture and get sold to pay for our taxes. It takes a decent amount of cattle. That’s a hard check to write and we never get a refund. I’m not complaining, just stating plan old facts. Most people don’t understand what the refund means, you are getting back the amount you over paid to the government and they feel they didn’t need. Its like a really bad savings account in my estimation. They don’t even pay you interest for using your money. But I digress. We pay exactly what we owe.

What else? The Schoolhouse opens up on Airbnb again. And many honey do’s are completed in this month. Not sure what those are this year

Stress eating…no way. (sneaks off to make bread)

Welcome to the Romance blog hop.

Don’t we all stress eat or not eat when we are stressed? For me I love carbs. but since I’m going on vacation really soon, I have not been able to indulge. I LOVE the smell of baking bread. Do you know what I love more than that?

That’s right a piece of still warm fresh bread with the butter melting into the surface…nom nom nom. Now I’m hungry for something I can’t have. I blame the Marketing for Romance Writer’s.


Last week I made a blog post about Farming in February <— thank you spell check, I never get that one right.

What does rest on a farm look like? For Oklahoma it means taking cattle hay everyday. Checking on cattle everyday. Checking the progress of wheat or rolling in a tractor laying down fertilizer. Sometimes he cuts wood (then makes me and the girls pick it up. ) Usually this lets him clear areas for fence its a twofer.

Does the farmer take days off. Rarely. When we were dating he and his family would take every Sunday off, but its been so long since that happened. He does something everyday. Sometimes its barn work, sometimes its honey do’s, or father do’s (see fertilizer above).

Sometimes a fellow farmer friend says I’m going to Mexico in xyz months and the farmer says make that happen. So when I’m typing this we were packing and preparing for vacation with out the kids. As you read this we have just gotten back. Nobody needs to know when we are gone. lol

Paranoia comes with farming in the country and meth head neighbors.

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