Can you benefit from giving someone advice? Does anyone ever take advice and use it constructively?

Obviously people ask for advice all the time, but do they take it and use it or discard it? If I ask for advice I only ask those whom I trust and will weigh it into my decision to be made. But I’ve learned over many years to do it that way.

I rarely take unsolicited advice and weigh it into my decision making. I will however take heed of a professional who throws wisdom out. I never enter into a conversation where I am not prepared to have my opinion changed by a knowledgeable person.

But can I learn from giving advice to someone else? I can learn who will ask for advice but will do the opposite. I can learn not to waist my breath. I can learn who is just asking because they are being polite. I can learn what body language is sincere interest and which is waiting for an opportunity to talk. I can learn the body language of those who have an open and seeking mind.

I guess we can learn something even if someone doesn’t take our advice.

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  1. Good points. I’ve always looked at advice this way–it can’t hurt to give it when asked and it can’t hurt to hear it. I don’t think anyone should feel obligated to take advice that doesn’t work for them. Sometimes people need time to think about advice as well, or certain advice might not work for one story, but it might be useful for the next.

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    1. Yea. I’ve found that if the universe is fighting me in something it’s best to walk away.

      Not to say I don’t do hard things. But there are hard things that the universe helps you with and they become easy. Does that make sense?


  2. Unsolicited advice is rarely welcomed and even more rarely heeded. I’m still working on keeping my mouth shut when opportunity arises to impart what I think is wisdom.

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    1. I have become much more adept at keeping my mouth shut. But sometimes it’s hard when the other person keeps talking about something we both know I have a large knowledge of.

      Unless they are also talking with another person in front of me. Then I have to step in and make sure facts are being stated. 🙂


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