Music to write by?

This weeks Romance blog hop is on writing to music. Do I write to any specific music? The answer drum roll please…. yes and no. I a lot of times have a certain genre in mind that will play through my head the entire time I am writing a story. That music may or may not be in the background. There may not even be music. It could be a documentary or Tv.

But what is in my head playing on loop will drive the story.

Farming in February

What’s it like to farm in Oklahoma in the winter?

I know several farmers not much further north than me who have snow on the ground all winter and bring their animals into a barn for the cold.

We do not have to do that. At the moment my farmer is streaming on fertilizer for himself and his father. Soon he will need to lay down herbicide on the crops they do that with.

The winter wheat is finally growing after a really dry fall where it didn’t grow. The cattle are out on that as pasture. The fields are beginning to green up. The cattle are getting fat on the sugar in a growing pasture. They sometimes even get a hay treat. And we get to rest.

Happy reading!


Can you benefit from giving someone advice? Does anyone ever take advice and use it constructively?

Obviously people ask for advice all the time, but do they take it and use it or discard it? If I ask for advice I only ask those whom I trust and will weigh it into my decision to be made. But I’ve learned over many years to do it that way.

I rarely take unsolicited advice and weigh it into my decision making. I will however take heed of a professional who throws wisdom out. I never enter into a conversation where I am not prepared to have my opinion changed by a knowledgeable person.

But can I learn from giving advice to someone else? I can learn who will ask for advice but will do the opposite. I can learn not to waist my breath. I can learn who is just asking because they are being polite. I can learn what body language is sincere interest and which is waiting for an opportunity to talk. I can learn the body language of those who have an open and seeking mind.

I guess we can learn something even if someone doesn’t take our advice.

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