Family, Whatcha Gonna Do?

The thing that only my family understands is my sense of humor. It’s dry and its real. Sometimes non family members realize that my jokes are things that really happened or that I really think, and they get a little freaked out.

The reason that I always park relatively far from a store is because Polio hit my dad’s family so hard. 2/3’s of my dads siblings suffered through. Spending a large amount of time in Atlanta at the CDC. One of my uncles was in a wheelchair from the age of 12, another was on crutches from the age of 11. My dad and his younger brother about age 9 and 7 wore back braces for years. My dad has no lasting outward physical problems while the other back brace brother (/escape artist from the back brace) has a limp that has only gotten worse over the years.

The brothers can laugh at just about anything because of that, they passed that along to my brothers, me, and our cousins. I’m grateful to walk, run, and move my body without impediment.bec16-20182bbadge2bblog2bchallenge-rev2b640x640

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Inventions #MFRW

What would I invent if I was stuck on a deserted island.

I’m going to make the assumption here that there is fresh water stream inland from the beach. I would make a working aqueduct. Then I would have freshwater wherever I put my house and that would allow me to bath, drink, and have a running toilet in my tree house.

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