The Worst Writing Advice #MFRWauthor

What is the worst writing advice I’ve been given you ask?

How much to write everyday and that I should write everyday.

Everyone is different. Some people need to outline everything and others have to make it up on the fly. I personally am different for every story. Olivia I had planned out completely but only in my head. I didn’t put an outline down on paper. I could write a full chapter 6-8 thousand words in a couple of hours, with only a vague outline in mind. Then with Maeve I had the whole thing outlined in a long weekend driving through the mountains, I put it to paper one morning, and I took 7 weeks to write it all out start to finish. Quinn was outlined but I had a tendency to change things and move my timeline around the way the story demanded.

Then you have my science fiction series, book three is completely outlined and ready to be written, but I only have a vague idea of how the first two books are to go. But I know I need to write them before the third.

I personally have a problem writing everyday. I’m not a perfectionist but I also don’t like just writing to delete whole scenes. I want to know I’m getting the core of the scene and can tweak it after I’m done with the whole thing.

Every writer is different. Just as you have to find your own voice you also have to find how you can write to finish a project. Finishing the project is the key and ultimate goal.

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2 thoughts on “The Worst Writing Advice #MFRWauthor

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  1. I am a pantser. I’ll have an idea, a loose one, in my head as I go into a story. I didn’t always write daily. I’ve started because of a challenge thing I do. However, I dislike being told I HAVE to write everyday or you’re ‘not a real writer’ that simply isn’t true and everyone has a process, a life, a reason for why they can or can’t write daily.


  2. I agree about not writing every day. It’s just not possible for me, but that doesn’t mean the story isn’t churning around inside my head while I’m doing other things because it does… constantly! Thanks for sharing!


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