Four Stars…

So what does it feel like to get your first positive review from someone who isn’t invested in you in any way?

I kind of know. This morning a friend who had recently read my book “Olivia” was asking how she can write a review. So to make sure my directions were correct I went to Amazon and scrolled to the bottom, and woot woot I had another review. One by a stranger!

The review was in depth as well. Not just a one liner, but paragraphs of information about my book. And while I would of course love to have all five star reviews, let’s be realistic. Four stars is a positive review. If all an item gets is five stars I actually get suspicious of the product. I call it a win.

Unfortunately the strong wind we had yesterday blew in all the cedar pollen from down in West Texas resulting in me getting up at 2AM to take Benedryl and I’m still trying to leave the Benadryl hangover behind me at four o’clock in the afternoon.

I’m excited. I’m proud of me. I’m sure of it, even if my head feels like it is still hovering a few feet above my body and not attached properly.

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