So You Went Into Business With People You Really Don’t Know???….Or: Partner’s Episode I

A little background. Years ago I read a book that threw three women together on a quest to end a god’s stupidity. Over the course of the three books the women brought each of their own unique strengths together and founded a business. Strangers trusting the universe and their own gut instincts to go forward.

I’ve always been envious of that ability to trust and in my own passive way welcomed it into my life. (I don’t do things passively but in this case I didn’t say hey Universe I want this, I was in the corner meekly going isn’t that cool.)

Then my mother started going crazy, fast forward 18 months to getting the diagnosis of Frontotemporal Dementia and to say I was stressed would be a little bit of an under statement.

I had been doing yoga by video for a few years after school with a fellow teacher, but it wasn’t a match for all that we were going through. I have a friend who owns a Martial Arts Studio and I asked him to help me learn to meditate. For hours one day he set aside his time and put me through several meditations. I found one that resonated with me. Then I started carving out time once a week to go to a Yoga studio an hour away from home. Fast forward 8 months, by this time my mother died from a massive heart attack not the dementia or the brain aneurysm that they had found in her head.

I was not in great shape mentally. So I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training! What a great idea. You should be rolling around on the floor laughing right now. Teacher training isn’t just about learning the pose’s but also about getting to know yourself inside and out. That can be rough. But I and my fellow trainers made it through. Then our mentor brought an opportunity to open a branch of her studio not to far away. Great location and so on and so on.

Out of the peeps who wanted to go in, four of us were left standing and in the 6 weeks from hearing of the idea to opening the doors, we had a studio up and running. It was a lot of work, and we didn’t really know each other.

Half of the group felt like they weren’t pulling their weight even though I knew they would when their time came. I’m great at build out and big ideas and teaching, but the marketing and social media and the details of business are REALLY hard for me. So I was confident things would balance out. But we had to work to understand each other’s feelings.

Over these past 7 months we’ve had to learn how to communicate with each other. How to step back from a request so we can talk amongst ourselves and have a united front. That’s been hard at times. Five fingers forming a fist make more of an impact than five fingers trying to make a dent.

We’ve had to talk about healthy conflict, a term I disdain for some reason. We’ve had to cry because we feel we were mis-represented in anothers’ mind. We’ve had to look at something from another point of view. We’ve had to trust that we all come from a place of positive intent. Most importantly we’ve had to forgive ourselves and each other as we learn and grow through this process of getting to know each other.

These women have come to mean the world to me. Even though we aren’t on a quest to right a god’s idiodicy, I am forever grateful for you three ladies, Abby, Jessi, Nicole, and this magical journey of yoga and self growth that we are on.




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