So Many Things #MFRWauthor

This week on the #MFRW blog challenge the question is “What would I do if I couldn’t be a writer?”


Well, I have a varied background and have enjoyed doing many things over the years. I grew up on a farm, and I really enjoy getting to drive combines, grain buggies, and wheat trucks. Working the ground not so much. Being a farmer has its perks, and I could certainly do it, but it wasn’t the right fit. Now I’m married to a farmer and get to help him with my favorite parts of farming, the harvesting.


I went to college just as my parents did, most of my extended family really and of course my husband has a degree in Agriculture Economics. I started out as an Engineer like my dad but after a couple of years killing myself to make the Dean’s honor roll (which I did by the way, honor roll not dying), I realized I liked math better. I’ve been a math educator for 13 years now. Obviously I like/love it or I’d be out by now. 🙂


I opened and operated my own micro winery for six years, where I did everything from grow the grapes, fermenting the wine, hand bottle and label every single bottle of wine that went through the winery, plus selling and marketing. I recently closed down the tasting room as it took a lot of time and energy away from my family.


But I only closed down the tasting room so I could open up a yoga studio but this time with partners who can do the things I’m not the best at, like marketing. Or peeps who like doing accounting and keeping track of the details. I like big pictures and I can not lie.


Then there is the One Room Schoolhouse that my husband and I bought, moved, renovated, and now use as an AirBnB and for weddings! Schoolhouse on Airbnb

So what would I do if I wasn’t a writer, so many things….

My book: Olivia

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