Re-purpose, Reuse, Recycle

I like my phrase better than the original. šŸ˜›

What am I re-purposing, reusing, and recycling you ask? Today it was concrete fence posts.


Originally they were torn out of a fence row and deposited in a ditch on some of our property. It was an attempt to catch the dirt that wanted to wash out of this area. It didn’t really work this time. But because it didn’t go like we wanted I get to do something different. Like make them into a fence. Novel idea right?


Why am I doing this? Well a few years ago my husband and I bought, moved, and fully renovated a one room schoolhouse. We now use it to run an AirBnB and event center outside of our little hometown. Since the Schoolhouse sits on a bluff, that means there has to be a drop off in elevation. Otherwise it would be a Schoolhouse on the Prairie, while scenic, not as pretty as being up above the surrounding area. In this sharp drop off, only weeds grow. This is where I’ve had a need for a couple of terraces to make the elevation change easier to manage. I am finally getting that.

We plan to string woven wire along the posts and allow this fencing to collect dirt and debris naturally allowing it to build up over time and fill in this area. It will take awhile but trying to get large equipment in this area isn’t safe. Partly because of the grade of the land and also, this is sugar sand and shifts so easily. Patience is key…and maybe some Pampas grass.

Want to stay at the Schoolhouse check out our profile on AirBnb. Scenic One Room Schoolhouse

Want to read a story that uses the area around the Schoolhouse? Check out my Debut Novel: Olivia.

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