#MFRWauthor Favorite thing I’ve written…

…Would have to be Maeve. It’s the second book in my Harris Legacy series. I have just finished up the first edits and will be dropping it on Amazon this spring. It’s happy and light hearted. It’s an easy read and just leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

It was written at a very emotionally hard time in my life. I had just lost my mother unexpectedly, and I hadn’t written or edited anything in the 3 months since her death. I needed to get away, so my husband and I spent a few days driving to and around Colorado. We didn’t speak much, I just spent time in my head. He spent time worrying about me. When I got back I was able to write Maeve in 7 weeks, of my spare time (and not so spare time, lol).

It was just what I needed at that hard time, not what I was feeling.

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2 thoughts on “#MFRWauthor Favorite thing I’ve written…

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  1. I can see how t his would be a very emotional book. I did something sort of similar when my parent died within three weeks of each other, but that book never saw the light of day.


    1. I’m sorry they went so close together. It must have devastating.

      One reason this is being published is because it actually has nothing to do with the grief I was experiencing. And everything to do with what I wanted to feel instead of the grief.


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